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Whether it is for the BBQ days or for heartening recipies, the minced beef meat is a classic.

At Viande Richelieu, we offer you:

  • Minced 100% Quebec meat -  extra-lean


Cook the beef until an internal temprature of  160° F (71°C). Check the temperature with a digital instant read thermometer.

Caution: never eat rare minced beef meat.

A classic: the 100% Quebec beef
Beef offers a nutritive meat for a strong and healty body. 
Its numerous nutrients make it a healthy choice for all the family. 
Notably, beef meat is an excellent source of proteins, zinc and vitamin B12.
Here at Viande Richelieu, we make the choice to only offer you animals mostly from Quebec farms.

Blue, rare or medium rare, the beef gathers all the votes.

Beef is one of the best source of iron in our diet.

A wise consumption of quality beef meat is beneficial for the nutritional balance of our organism.

Because of its high level of proteins, the beef is genuinely recommended for a balanced diet. However, it is also a fat meat and you have to focus on  lean cuts or minced extra-lean meat beef.

To prevent the proliferations of bacteries in minced beef meat, Viande Richelieu has chosen a process of vaccum packages that allow the meat to keep its freshness and quality for an extended period of time, up to 18 days. A process unmatched.


If the meat has been cooked, it can be kept in a refrigerator for 3-4 days, or 10-12 months in a freezer.

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