Looking for bison quality products that are fresh and accessibles? 

Here are the cuts available in groceries. 

  • Cubes on skewers

  • Frozen chinese fondue

  • Roasted

  • Top sirloin

  • Bison tournedos thigh

  • Extra-lean ground meat



Bison meat is really dense meat. It will not shrink when cooked. Since its tender flesh is not marbled, it will cook quickly.

Pieces to roast:

Core temperature:

Blue: 50°C / 125°F

Rare : 55°C / 130°F

Medium: 60°C / 140°F

Well done: 70°C / 160°F

Minced: 70°C / 160°F

Note: it is the internal temperature.


Why dare bison meat?

Bison is a red meat coming either from  wild game or, more frequently, from animal husbandry. It looks like beef meat but offers a more pronounced taste while being less fat*. Its tender flesh makes it a meat really appreciated by those who taste it. 

*Bison: 3.5g/100g vs. beef: 7.65g/100g. Source: Canadian Nutrient File.

Cubes on skewers
Top sirloin

Our bisons are raised outdoors as in the past generations. Coming from West Canada, they enjoy their large space without any human interaction from a medical perspective, thus offering your a meat of a superior quality.


Bison meat is great for anyone. It has a pronounced and earthy taste, and, when we compare it to beef meat, we discover that bison has lower fat and fewer calories while still being a great source of proteins. 


In fact, 100 g of bison has up to 24% fewer calories and 97% fewer lipides than a 100 g of beef. A fine alternative in any menu.

Ground meat

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