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You prefer grills?

Choose these cuts:

  • Tenderloin

  • Steak

  • Strip loin

  • Sirloin

  • Inside round

  • Minced meat


Roasts, boils or stews lover? 

Choose these cuts:

  • Shoulder

  • Stew cubes

  • Blade roast

  • Shank


Wapiti is a lean meat which means it is best cooked at a low or medium heat. Top chefs will tell you that wapiti meat is best eaten rare. For the parts to be roastd or boiled, they recommend to put them in a marinade 24 hours before.

Pieces to roast:

Core temperature:

Blue: 50°C/ 125°F

Rare : 55°cC/ 130°F

Medium: 60°C / 140°F

Well done: 70°C / 160°F

Minced: 70°C / 160°F

Note: it is the internal temperature.

Discover the Wapiti!
Wapiti meat is an excellent source of proteins. This delicious natural lean meat will make you rediscover your taste buds and will be the new spotlight of your meals.

Wapiti is a red meat, quite dense, similar to the red stag. Sparse in North America, the wapiti you will find comes from game farms carefully selected by our suppliers.

Lean meat that shrinks only a bit when cooked, the wapiti will offer you a mouth-melting textured venison. For the perfect diner with friends, share it in your plates and appreciate its flavours.


If you have uncooked wapiti meat oustide of its packaging and if you would like to keep it in refrigerator, its maximum storage time is 2 days.For those who would like to preserve the flesh in a freezer, you could store it  from 3 to 6 months

Thigh slice
Thigh slice
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